• Chrismash and New Year Spacial Price and Quantity Special Promotions 
  • New Deluxe Leather Edition to match your scarf or artwork color and design avaliable with sevral  leather colors , Solid Stainless Steel and gold standoffs 
  • Hang scarfs, fabrics , canvases and any other work of art as wall pictures or accessory
  • Regularly used to hang Hermes, LV, Valentino, Gucci, Chanel, D&G or any other scarfs and any artworks
  • Superior and patented design keeping the scarf starched and locked without damaging or sliding out.  Easy to Install , Alternate or replace your scarf or artwork at any time, Damage Free. Frameless hanging and no framing required. All hardware and mounting instruction included.
  • Fits any size scarf or artwork. Made in USA by QualSense FramelessArtworks LLC . Patent and Trademark Pending.  Customer Support Email : customersupport@qualsense.com or visit QualSense website

FramelessArtworks Scarf Hanging System Deluxe Edition

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