FramelessArtworks Scarf and Artwork Hanging Systems

* Solid Stainless-Steel Edition 

* Deluxe Leather Edition 

* Deluxe Leather Edition ( No Drilling )

* Stainless-Steel Edition ( No Drilling )

* New Gold Standoffs 

Designed and manufactured in USA by QualSense FramelessArtworks LLC

Patent and Trademark Pending

Hang scarfs, fabrics , canvases and any other work of art as wall pictures or home Decor. Regularly used to hang Hermes, LV, Valentino, Gucci, or any other scarfs and any artworks. Superior and patented design keeping the scarf or artwork starched and locked without damaging or sliding out. Fits any size scarf or artwork. Alternate your scarf or artwork at any time. Damage Free, Frameless hanging and no framing required. All hardware and mounting instruction included. Scarf and or artwork not included. Designed and made in USA by Qualsense FramelessArtworks LLC 

  • Select Stainless Steel or Gold Standoffs or Adhesive Hook for ( No Drilling Option ) and or Deluxe Leather hanging system to match your's Scarf or Artwork color and design.

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