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FramelessArtworks Scarf Hanging System by FramelessArtworks

Hang scarfs, fabrics , canvases and any other work of art as wall picture or accessoryRegularly used to hang Hermes, LV, Valentino, Gucci, Chanel, D&G or any other scarf or artworkSuperior and patented design keeping the scarf starched and locked without damaging or sliding out. Fits any size scarf or artwork. Alternate or replace your scarf or artwork at any time damage Free.Designed and made in USA by QualSense FramelessArtworks LLC. Customer Support Toll Free:1-800-704-0844 or visit QualSense website. Patent and Trademark Pending.Easter and Passover Week Special Price and Quantity Promotions

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Toll Free:1-800-704-0844

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