Engineering services focus on the design, development and manufacturing of wireless, cellular RF, GPS, Bluetooth,Mobile App's and custom home automation, decor systems and accessories.QualSense test specifications conform to international standards such as UL/CSA/ IEC/TIA/CTIA/ Bluetooth/IEC/802.11.    


QualSense engineering and consulting services includes

  • Cellular CDMA, GSM ,BT, WFi, GPS, ASIC's and multi-chip packages
  • Development of  smart mobile software and App's
  • Custom PCB printed , ceramic, patch and diversity antenna development
  •  FramelessArtwork - Design and Manufacturing of Specialty Home Decor System & Accessories  
  • QualSense China -ODM/ OEM and manufacturing
  • GAriGrid and FramelessArtwork are a tradmark of QualSense LLC 


             FramelessArtwork TM

             Design and Manufacturing of Specialty Home Decor System & Accessories 





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